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Photo: Jule Osmers

Marion Kavi is a collagist and editor working and living in Berlin. She started doing collages after she joined a friend to an art workshop. “Collage came into my life by chance, but it has followed me ever since. My main motivation is to embrace my creative side and to do things with my hands. Collage is the perfect art form because it is endless, spontaneous, and most importantly – fun. But there is also a healing aspect to the technique, it is one way to truthfully see myself through collage".

Her artistic expression is not solely devoted to cutting and pasting, she often uses paint and or other media in her pieces. “Usually, I start with spray paint or ink as a surface, then adding hand cut paper images without digital editing. I approach my work with no preconceived notions, staying curious for what will come next, while the creative process drives itself.

The collages of Marion Kavi are drawn from psychology, human connection, nature, books, quotes, also songs and albums that accompanied her during the making. Her compositions have been described as unsettling with a humorous twist.


The themes that Marion Kavi explores, and her identity as an artist are connected to her growing up in two different cultures and languages, which influenced her ways of seeing and thinking. “I do not intend to tell stories, though. It is the viewer that makes his own interpretation.”

Marion Kavi is an alumna of the Burnt Sienna Art School in Berlin and was part of a group autumn exhibition 2020 at Das Giftraum Berlin. In 2020, she was also part of the Pop up pick up exhibition in Lübeck, Germany.


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